How will Turkey Town be your Perfect Companion for Launching a Multi-Services On-Demand App like Gojek

How will Turnkey Town be your Perfect Companion for Launching a Multi-Services On-Demand App like Gojek?

There is no scarcity for ideas as there are a lot of services like cab booking, food delivery, handyman booking, car wash, farm equipment finding, roadside assistance, etc. If you are looking to start an on-demand service startup, you can choose any one of the services mentioned above to offer. But what if someone wants to provide more than one service or if your customer needs more than one service from you? Is it possible to launch an app like Gojek to provide all the on-demand services that a customer needs? Will it be a profitable business? To get answers to all these questions, you have to read this article till the end.

What is the Gojek clone app?

Who doesn’t like an app when it offers multiple services that everyone needs in their day to day life at one place. One such app is Gojek, which offers taxi booking, food ordering, delivery courier, etc. You can also start an app like gojek for your company so that you can offer the same services to your customers. Gojek clone script is created by replicating the original app so that it can be easily redesigned for businesses. The app comes under three primary sections.

Ride booking:

    You can book any ride like a car or bike for traveling via the gojek clone app. The user can ride at any time and book from anywhere with the in-built GPS from their smartphone.


    Online delivery can be availed for any products like medicines, food, flowers, and many more. You can modify the Gojek app clone script as per your business needs to offer the necessary services.

Miscellaneous services:

    You can also avail more services such as car washing, lawn mowing, roadside assistance, laundry services, etc. 

What is the scope of a multi-services app business?

Requires minimal cost:

    Gojek clone app development companies will charge less than developing an original app from scratch. So the cost of the launch of the app will fall within your budget.

Customers will find it easy to use:

    A typical person who lives in a metropolitan city will require multiple services to manage their day to day life. So to make their life hassle-free, they need at least four on-demand services in an app for their everyday use.

Offers job for freelancers:

    Freelancers will get amazing job opportunities if they list their services in the app. It would be a huge platform for them to maximize their profits. Another important feature is that part-time and full-time freelancing jobs can also be listed so that people can make use of it.

We now have an app that offers multiple services to its customers that can be beneficial to the business and people associated with it. So get our solution and launch it to skyrocket your business.


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